High Low Buffalo

Bye Bye Antigua!

Sun Jul 2, 2023

High -I did a lot of touristy things while in Antigua. I went on an island tour, did a boat ride, went zip linning, and went to Stingray City. I even got to hold and feed the stingray there. I haven't been in a while and it was exciting to see how its changed and improved over the years.
Low - I tried to organize a group hangout for my cousins and I, but most of them ended up not feeling well or having some sort of conflict so they couldn't come. It was just Latasha and I on the trip.
Buffalo - I missed 3 weeks of this. Wow. Fear not fateful readers. I will be more consistent with this going forward. Probably.

Back to the West Coast?!?

Fri Jun 9, 2023

High - I dragged my father with me to the gym this week. I've been trying to get him to come with me for a minute and today my tactics finally worked. I am a bit worried that I may have traumatized him though. We'll see if he returns XD.
Low - My younger cousins hardly know me now. They view me as an adult. They say "Yes sir" or "No sir" whenever I ask them a question. A lot of people have been telling me I seem like an adult now but it didn't really hit until my teenage cousins started interacting with me like an adult. Now I realize I am in fact old.
Buffalo - I'm moving to California. I'm just as shocked as you are. I was not expecting this at all. But my future employer moved my job offer from the East to the West Coast and so to the West coast I go.

Back to the Island

Wed May 31, 2023

High - I am back in Antigua. My last summer break most likely. Also, my last chance to bum off my mother. Gotta make the most of it for my last summer here.
Low - I am back in Antigua. I was watching a youtube video and I closed the app expecting the video to keep playing in the background. When that didn't happen I was extremely confused until I remembered that picture in picture doesn't work in Antigua. A true third world problem, but it is my low of the week.
Buffalo - The last time I was in Antigua was spring break. I brought some friends down to show them around. I drove them around and showed them different places,  when suddenly, our car broke down in the middle of nowhere. This week, I drove past that same place where our car broke down. That's the spot featured in the photo. It was a great time nonetheless and we had our own little party on the side of the street while we waited for road side assistance.

Entry - the first 

Wed May 24, 2023

High - My high for this week was that I actually published this site. I've been thinking of launching it for a while but couldn't find an idea of what I should have on my website. For now its a simple site; a blog where I can talk about my highs and lows and buffalos.
Low - I graduated last week. Graduation itself was great, but now that thats all over, actually being an adult seems scary. My low for this week is I am scared of joining the adult world.
Buffalo - I just realized I haven't explained the rules yet. If you're someone who knows me you should know this is my favorite talking point. Basically once a week I ask my friends to share a high point of their week, a low point of their week, and a buffalo of their week. Doesn't have to be the absolute highest or lowest points, and high and low are relative to what kind of week you were having. The buffalo of the week is a sort of wild card where you can just talk about whatever you want. So for this week, I chose to make my buffalo about the rules to this game.